Greenlight Card…an introduction

What it is:

A Greenlight Card is a modern incarnation of the Victorian calling card. An alternative way of introducing yourself to someone you’d like to meet. A fusion of Victorian nicety and contemporary necessity.

How Greenlighting works:

After signing up at, you’ll get a set of Greenlight Cards. You keep them close at hand so that you can give a card to someone whenever you sense some chemistry. Handing the card to someone, or discreetly leaving it where a person can find it, gives the recipient the “greenlight” to get in touch. The recipient then visits and receives your contact information. In less than an hour, the texting, emailing or phone correspondence can begin.

What’s so special about a  Greenlight Card?

Greenlight Cards are more distinctive (and way classier) than scribbling your number on a napkin or a stray piece of paper. They’re cooler than something you’d create yourself. And they’re safer than handing someone a business card. The recipient of a Greenlight Card goes to our secure website to find out your first name, your email address and/or a phone number, nothing more. Oh, and the recipient also finds out that you’re an intriguing, early-adopting, trendsetting, go-for-it, kind of person whose looking for love and not afraid to admit it. You are bold, yet discreet. Greenlight Cards do the talking for you, and they do it without requiring a response from the recipient. You wouldn’t want to put anyone on the spot, now, would you?

3 responses to “Greenlight Card…an introduction

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