What GreenlightCard.com is NOT (part one)

I like to write about all different topics that relate in some way to dating and being single. None of us at GreenlightCard.com think you want to hear about Greenlight Card ALL the time. (You’ve probably rejected at least one date who talked about him or herself all the time, right?!)

So I promise that it won’t be all about us, all the time.

But then again, I really want you to understand what it means to be a GreenlightCard.com member. GreenlightCard.com is new, it’s different and it can help you meet people…as long as you get what it is. So to help with that, I’m bringing you an occasional series about what GreenlightCard.com is NOT. (If you haven’t already, you can find out what GreenlightCard.com is by going to GreenlightCard: An Introduction and The Benefits of Membership.)

So without further ado, here’s the first in this series.

GreenlightCard.com is NOT… a place to post your profile and scan through other people’s profiles, looking for a date.

Maybe you wouldn’t lie on your profile, but there are many who stretch the truth just a tad…at best. GreenlightCard.com is a chance for you to take a break from online shopping for a date and use the time to notice the living, breathing people around you, enabling you to judge for yourself how short, tall, skinny, fat, cool, nerdy, interesting, fun, modern, or dowdy those people appear to be.

When one of those people around you catches your fancy, you give them a Greenlight Card, which lets them know you’re interested. You can give one to a stranger. You can give one to someone you know really well but not (yet) in the dating way. Or you can give one to someone who falls somewhere in the middle.

When the person gets your Greenlight Card, he or she goes online and gets your name and a way to contact you. That person will not find out what your favorite color is, what you like to do in your spare time, how much you weigh, how tall you are, or what age range you like your dates to fall within…unless you offer that information up on a real, live date.

Coming up in part two:  GreenlightCard.com is NOT…only as good as its members.



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