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The Power of Vulnerability

Lizzie Williams, one of the founders of GreenlightCard.com, sent me a link to a video on TED.com recently, saying “watch this–it’s worth 20 minutes!”  And I thought, 20 minutes? Maybe I’ll give it five.

TED describes itself as a “small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.”  I had a brief love affair with TED sometime back, and then left TED, heartlessly, because dear old TED was a time-sapper.  I would find myself spending hours with TED, at the expense of my work and other people in my life.  TED is wonderful, don’t get me wrong.  TED is smart and funny.  TED gives me fresh perspectives and ideas that absorb my thoughts. But TED can be sort of addicting.

To be honest, TED also makes me feel a teensy bit bad about myself–I wish I were as profound and entertaining as TED.

So it’s sort of ironic that the video that brought me back to TED is about vulnerability and shame–and more specifically, about embracing your vulnerability. In this video, “researcher storyteller” Brene Brown talks about her quest to figure out what “wholehearted” people have in common–people who have a sense of love and belonging because they feels worthy of love and belonging.  She found that it comes down to embracing vulnerability, a discovery that wasn’t easy for her to accept.

Like Lizzie, I watched this and immediately wanted to share it.  Worth your 20 minutes?  Absolutely!  Brown is engaging and honest and real and I really believe her message.  Instead of giving it just five minutes, I found myself wishing I could spend more than 20 minutes listening to her…and I think I’ll find myself spending a little more time with TED again.  I just can’t help myself.

Brene Brown says “connection is why we’re here”–and we at GreenlightCard.com happen to agree!

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