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5 Ways For Singles to Have a Jolly Holiday

If you dread the holidays because you’re not sharing them with a significant other, it’s time to change your mind about the season and seize the opportunities that are unique to this time of year. Who knows, your best gift might be that special someone stepping under your mistletoe. So get out and participate in the fun and rejoice in your freedom and availability to take on new terrain.

  1. Give gifts of time: Lots of charitable organizations ramp up their services during the holidays and it’s a great time to get involved. With the economic slump, help is needed now more than ever. A few years ago I volunteered as a waitress at a Christmas Dinner served to hundreds of my local community’s homeless and met dozens of great people. The spirit of the event added to the quick comradarie between us as a team working for a good cause. What better icebreaker than rolling up your sleeves and digging into a job along side an interesting stranger? The win/win: meet someone or not, you’ll feel great to make a contribution to society.
  2. Party anyone? Cocktail parties abound this time of year and they’re a great excuse to get dressed up and put your best foot forward into festive gatherings. Arriving solo or with other single friends gives you freedom to mix and mingle as you please. The season itself is perfect food for fodder. Striking up a conversation about best Christmas memories or favorite New Year’s past times can tell you a lot about a new acquaintance. Learning about how a person’s family celebrates Hanukkah or Kwanza, shows interest and makes conversation easy… everyone’s got a good story to tell.
  3. Lose the Scrooge and consider travel delays an opportunity. If holiday travel has you stuck in a jammed airport waiting for a blizzard to pass around the holidays, don’t despair. Look around! There are plenty of other single travelers out there who might just enjoy a little company during the wait and have had it with talking on their cell phone to pass the time. Grab a Peppermint Coffee at Starbucks and find out if that fruitcake meets carry-on requirements.
  4. Warm up with a winter escape. Storybook holiday gatherings with the family are a reality for some, but not all of us. If getting together with family is a happy fun experience, go for it and enjoy! But if you’d honestly rather watch a TV marathon of Twilight Zone, you might want to consider a getaway instead. Head to the mountains with other single friends and hit the slopes. Park City, Utah; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Winter Park, Colorado; Mammoth, California; Killington, Vermont; Sugarloaf, Maine and Lake Tahoe, California all have resorts for singles and score high ratings with TheSkiChannel.com. Apres-ski at the base lodge, sip your Mocha Nog Punch and take notice, you are far from being the only single in town!
  5. Try sippin’ pretty in a warm, sunny spot. If your idea of a White Christmas is digging your toes in white sand, hit the beach to mingle with other singles. And while kicking back with warm sunshine isn’t all Bing Crosby-ish, it’s a great way to celebrate the holidays. Nostalgic dreams of sleigh rides quickly dissipate when you try your skills at surfing or kayaking and commune with nature. Expand your horizons with adventure travel groups specifically for singles. Sharing a soul-enriching active vacation is a great way to ring in the New Year.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, embrace the holidays. Whether you’re going to a tree lighting ceremony, a winter festival or just heading out to buy a turkey to cook for your family, holiday spirit makes people friendlier and more approachable. The festive nature of the season makes it easier to start up conversation. Seize the moment, don’t be shy… “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.”


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You’re Not the Only One

When yet another wedding invitation shows up in the mail, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one who is single.

When you’re the only one at poker night who doesn’t have to check in with his wife to let her know you’re headed home, it’s easy to feel like everyone else is married.

And when you tell friends that you’d love to be introduced to their single friends, only to be faced with blank stares and sympathetic smiles, it’s no wonder you’re ready to believe there are truly no other single people to meet in your town.

But despite how it sometimes feels, CNN reports that you are definitely not the only “singleton” (does anyone else hate that word?) around. In fact, more than 40% of Americans over the age of 18 are single.  That adds up to 96 million people.

And if you’re a single parent who thinks that puts you in a different category, you should know that there are some 11 million single parents living with their children, just like you.

Of course, not being married doesn’t necessarily equate to availability.  The statistics reported by CNN showed that there were more than 6 million households where single people were unmarried but living together–so I guess that means at least 12 million single people aren’t up for grabs.

Still, that leaves a whole lot of people just like you…single.  And many of them are sure to be thinking the same thing.  Where are all the single people?

Now that you know they’re out there, make some plans for the weekend–plans that don’t include your married friends.

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Why We Do What We Do

We started GreenlightCard.com for one reason: to give single people, looking for more than a hook-up, a way to safely share their “dating” contact info with someone. What has come out of our initial concept has been surprising . . . and inspiring. We hear from:

  • Mature people who are uncomfortable with the “starting over” process post-divorce or after losing a partner
  • Gay people who find it challenging to navigate the “Is (s)he or isn’t (s)he?” terrain
  • Busy single parents who are concerned about dating safely when kids are involved
  • Professionals who are not permitted to date co-workers and clients (although those are the only people they ever meet!)
  • Disheartened people who are tired of online dating and hours of sifting through pretentious photos and profiles
  • Men and women who are disappointed and feel de-humanized to find themselves becoming “online shoppers” when all they want is a real connection
  • People who choose to be prepared for romance, in the natural setting of their lives, at the gym, the grocery store, the coffee shop, traveling, etc.

Politely offering your card to someone you feel chemistry with is empowering. It’s also safe, intriguing, effective and a modern move with a retro spin. We all want to be in love. We’re built for it. Greenlight Cards ensure you don’t miss the chance encounter, the double take, the opportunity to connect with meaningful potential when it occurs.

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Top 5 Ways To Shake It Up

If you’re complaining about not meeting people and you’re going about life as usual, you’re in trouble.  And deep down, you know it.  You can’t expect something different to happen if you’re living a same-old, same-old life.

And that’s why you’re reading this post…I’m going to give you five ways to shake things up. And they are painless, fun and worth your time.  I promise.

Here’s the most important part to understand—the goal of this exercise isn’t to meet your soul mate.  It’s to change things up and have fun.  The more often you seek out new experiences, the more likely you are to run across someone interesting, and then, well, if you let that person know you think he or she is interesting, you can see where that leads.

When you’re a positive, fun person, you’re a more attractive person.  Attractive people get asked out more often—because they attract other people.  But you knew that, didn’t you?

So here are my top five ways to shake it up:

  1. Throw a party.  You can invite your closest friends if you want, but make it a requirement that they bring someone you don’t know.  That way, the party is half full of new people for you to meet.
  2. Go on vacation.  I know that times are tight and you might not feel like you have money to spend on a vacation.  But whether it’s a day or a weekend or two weeks, get out of your house and spend at least one night someplace different than where you usually lay your head.  Different doesn’t have to be expensive.
  3. Get a new job, find a new way to volunteer or take a new class.  All of these involve group activities, so you’ll get to know new people in the most natural way possible, by working together.
  4. Break a sweat.  Ideally, join a team, but any physical activity works.  Pick a sport, go dancing, or just hit the gym—the post-workout endorphin thing you’ve been hearing about is real.  It will make you feel better.
  5. Join the crowd.  If you read the newspaper, watch the news or go online, you can easily find out where people are going.  So pick something and go.  A protest.  A sports event.  An art opening.  A health fair.  A concert.  Go where other people are going.  You’re there.  They’re there.  At the same place for the same experience.  What an easy way to start a conversation.

If you’ve tried these ideas or have some of your own, spill it in the comments!  In return, I promise some great party ideas in an upcoming post.

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Ready or Not…It’s Up to You

As you know if you’ve been reading this blog or checking out GreenlightCard.com, we like the idea of embracing chance encounters. You see, we’ve found that more often than not, the most interesting possibilities arise when you aren’t out looking for them. They just appear.

Like when you’ve just finished a workout and are all sweaty and high on endorphins.

Like when you’re having fun with your child or grandchild at a park, when flirting is the last thing on your mind.

Like when you’re leading a group at work, and you know just what you’re doing and are comfortably in command.

When you are being you, people around you notice. They are drawn to you, not your age, height, weight and astrological sign, but your intuitiveness, your sense of fun, your intelligence, your drive.

It might not even be the things you like best about yourself that someone else finds attractive—he or she might be drawn to your endearing clumsiness or your inability to say no to the child who wants one more push on the swing.

So what should you do this weekend?  Make a vow to yourself right now that you won’t try so hard or worry so much about meeting the perfect person.  Just be you.  Have a great time.

And carry your Greenlight Cards, so that you’re ready when it happens.


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Former PC Meets Forever Mac: Could This Be You?

You are a recent convert, having made the switch from PC to Mac right after leaving the corporate world for a small, boutique business of your own. Unfortunately, leaving the corner cubicle also means losing your IT support.

And so, you find yourself in a line at the “genius bar,” wondering if these Mac fanatics are just a little too full of themselves. Finally, it’s your turn and you realize why it took awhile. This guy treats you like you’re his only customer. He makes eye contact, something the IT guy in the old office could never manage to do (creepy!), asks you what your problem is, and then proceeds to show you everything you need to know.

And then, he invites you to come back. Not in that “have a nice day, come again” robotic sort of way, but specifically asks you to make another appointment so that he can give you a personal tour of your own computer and its many cool features. Having definitely warmed up to Mr. Mac, you make a lame “your place or mine?” joke but he appears not to have heard it as he types in the appointment on your calendar so you won’t forget.

After a week of thinking about this Mac guru, you’re ready for the next appointment. You arrive. He’s there, and he gives you the full tour. And then what? You can’t exactly prolong the conversation since there are people waiting for their appointments. No way do you have the guts to write out your phone number and suggest he call.

So you go home. And you think about Macho Mac more than once. You find excuses to go to the mall in hopes he’ll take a coffee break. You even go into the store and browse, but he doesn’t even notice you. In fact, he’s busy giving another very attractive new Mac owner a tour of her computer.

Eventually, you hear about this new dating trend—Greenlight Cards. The idea is to give a card to someone to let him know you’ve sensed some chemistry and would like to go out.

Hmm, you think, now when exactly would I use those?

And then you think of the Mac guy. (Again.)

And you open up that cool new laptop of yours and go online to order some Greenlight Cards and some very complicated new software.


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Single Dad Meets Single Mom: Could This Be You?

You, a single dad who always feels a little out of place when it comes to the daytime playground scene, is nevertheless at the playground with your son and you see a woman there with her two kids. You’re just a little bit smitten by the way she gets on all fours to chase her kids around the slide, ignoring all the other moms who sit on a bench watching their kids from a distance.

You watch as she and the kids plop themselves at a picnic table, sweaty and tired. You tell your son it’s break time and take a nearby table. You smile. She smiles. You and your son share some water and cookies. Another glance, long enough to check for a wedding ring. There isn’t one. Another smile.

You want to start up a conversation but feel more than a little awkward, especially with all the kids around, and the other moms on their benches. Just as you work up the courage to ask her how old her kids are, she gets up to chase one of them and then the moment is over. Your son is ready to leave. He’s cranky and by the time you get home, you’re a little cranky yourself.

So what do you do?

You go back to the playground a few days later, same time of day. She isn’t there.

But the next time she is–and you’re ready. You’ve thought about this moment, about how to start the conversation, and with practically no effort at all, it starts. The kids play and you manage to find out that she’s not married. You manage to mention that you aren’t either.

But once again, playtime is over and you’re not that much further along. All those other moms have you pretty spooked. You feel so obvious. And you don’t want to embarrass this woman in front of her kids, or be embarrassed in front of, or by, your own—the human megaphone who manages, at 4 years old, to tell the most innocent yet mortifying stories about you to your ex, your neighbor and the UPS guy…

This, my friend, is one of many perfect opportunities to use a Greenlight Card.

Respectful. Subtle. Simple.

As you help her pack up the snacks, you look her in the eye, hand her the card, smile and say “this has been fun, see you later.”

“…Alligator!!!” says the megaphone.

And you’re out of there.

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