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Story Time (for adults)

Think of it as story time for grownups…a “Kiss and Tell” with no awkward repercussions or slaps in the face!

We have some great interviews coming up and would like to share your GreenlightCard.com moments (anonymously, of course). Please comment back or email us and let us know how it’s going for you out there in the Real Time Dating World.

  • How did you give out your card?
  • What was the reaction?
  • How does it compare to the experiences you’ve had on some of the online dating sites?
  • What’s better about the GLC “offline” experience?

Just send us an email. Message us on Facebook. Your tweet is our command.

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Ouch! Sometimes It Hurts To Think So Hard…

It’s a beautiful day in Tampa, Florida (my apologies to all of you who are dealing with snow and gray skies!), so instead of sitting down at my computer to think about what to write today, I decided to take a little run/walk and think along the way.  I came up with a million things to write about (ok, maybe seven) but finally, what dominated my thoughts was…how much time I spend thinking about everything.

And I wonder if you’re the same way.

In my mind (or to be more honest, in my dreams) I’m impulsive and spontaneous.  I see something I want and without a second thought I go for it.

In reality, I analyze.  I analyze why I want what I want and consider alternatives to the object of my desire.  I weigh how much I want it and what it will cost me (literally and figuratively).  I think about whether I should just wait–if it’s still there and I still want it later, then maybe it’s truly meant to be mine.

With any luck, you’re reading this and thinking “she’s crazy.”  But if you’re thinking “yeah, I do the same thing,” then keep reading.  Because I think this thoughtfulness, this penchant for analysis, this obsession with making sure we make the best possible choices is a serious detriment when it comes to dating.

Dating is easier when you don’t think so much.

Stop worrying about what it means that she was a little weird when you said good night–call her again, anyway.

Stop wondering if he’s interested in you as a girl-friend or a friend-friend and let him know what you’re interested in.

Stop obsessing over whether the flirtatious comment was really meant to be flirtatious and just assume it was.

There’s an easy way to end the “should I or shouldn’t I?” cycle and the painful second-guessing about what to say or how to act– just give someone a Greenlight Card.  It’s not a proposal of marriage, it’s a simple statement of interest.  It’s a compliment that could lead to a date that could lead to more dates that could lead to a relationship.

Oops, there I go again!

What I want you to do is stop right there at “it’s a compliment.”  Don’t think so far ahead.  In fact, stop thinking at all and just act on impulse and see what happens.

Greenlighting works best if  you just do it.

That’s really one of the main reasons to carry Greenlight Cards–they increase the likelihood that you’ll act instead of just thinking about it.  And thinking about it.  And thinking about it.

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What GreenlightCard.com is NOT (part four)

As promised, today I bring you the final post in my series on what GreenlightCard.com is NOT. By now, you should have a pretty good understanding of what we’re all about. If not, that’s what the comment section is for! So here we go.

GreenlightCard.com is NOT...a quicker-picker-upper.

I have to admit that I was a little upset when I stumbled upon a new dating app that trumpeted some of the same ideas we espouse here at GreenlightCard.com. I think I might have even seen our tag line, “embrace chance encounters,” in their welcome video. I felt like stamping my feet and crying out, “HEY, that was OUR idea. We thought of it first. No fair!!”

But then I took a deep breath and considered it rationally. It’s not surprising that someone else had this idea, too, because it’s a darn good idea. Maybe it’s even a movement–the idea that we should all look up, look around and see who’s out there. Feel the real-life chemistry. Act on opportunities rather than letting them literally pass us by.

But make no mistake–Greenlight Cards are about looking up, not hooking up.

Because, let’s be honest here. Some of those dating apps are all about the pickup. You’re out on the town, you’ve had a few drinks, you’d like to find some good “company” and you pull out this app and instantly find out whether anyone around you is single and available and also up for a little company. “Embrace” and “encounter” take on a more immediate context.

If you want a quick pick-up, that’s your prerogative. But what we’re attempting to do at GreenlighCard.com is give you a sophisticated, stylish and safe way to introduce yourself and express your interest in someone. It’s for people who are serious about looking for love and want a little help.

Carrying Greenlight Cards is empowering. When the chemistry is there, whether it’s with someone you’ve just met or just haven’t had the nerve to approach, you can hand that person your card and see what happens. That’s what we mean by embracing chance encounters.

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Carol Wants to Follow Up

When Carol heard about Greenlight Cards, she thought they were a great idea for when you meet someone and think there’s a connection, but aren’t quite sure. Give that person a Greenlight Card and find out. Or when you’ve known someone for a while but suddenly start to feel something that wasn’t there before.

Like Carol, I think Greenlight Cards give you an opportunity to open the door to new possibilities. See Carol’s video and then, if you’re so inspired, send us one of your own.

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Confident Kyle

Kyle uses Greenlight Cards–instead of cheesy pickup lines.

Click here and then click the play button for Kyle’s story.

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Avoiding Awkward

“Hi, I was wondering if you’d like to go out sometime?”

How hard is it to say that to someone?
And if the wrong person says it to you, how awkward is it to say “um, not really?”

Yes, it is sweaty, messy, scary stuff even if you know it shouldn’t be.

Then again, how often have you sat at home stewing? “I should have said something. I wish I’d had the nerve to say I was interested.”

Nothing ventured. Nothing gained. The world isn’t going to be handed to you on a silver platter. What have you really got to lose?

Huh? Oh, sorry. Slipped into a little vortex of “things my parents used to say to me.” But they sort of ring true, don’t they?

So here’s the deal.

Greenlight Cards can make it easier. With a Greenlight Card, you don’t have to find the right words or put someone on the spot. The card does the talking for you.

You do have to take the card out of its cool little tin, walk over and hand it to that certain someone who’s making it hard for you to put words together. But you can do that. I know you can.

And anyone who isn’t interested in you has something wrong with him. He’s the loser, not you.

Oops. Slipping back into that vortex again.

So what are you waiting for? Go get ‘em. Let someone know you’re interested. Dating on your terms—it’ll make you proud of yourself. And it should.

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Amy Missed Her Connection

Amy met a handsome stranger on an airplane. (She tells the story on video here.) When the plane landed, Amy wished the conversation could continue and thought about giving him her business card, but she didn’t feel safe doing that.

Months later, that handsome stranger is still on her mind. They both travel a lot, and they both live in Florida, so maybe there’s a chance they’ll run into each other at the airport. Then again, it’s a really, really slim chance.

That’s why Amy now carries Greenlight Cards.

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