Valentine Countdown: VDay – 1

Drumroll, please…tomorrow is the day for lovebirds to sing and if you don’t have someone to be all lovey-dovey with, it might be really annoying or even depressing. Or it can be just another day, with the promise of half-price candy the day after. For the last installment of Greenlight Card‘s Valentine Countdown: 21 Ways to Meet a Mate, I’m not going to suggest another class to join or place to go…your mission for tomorrow is to embrace the idea that keeps on giving…

Feb. 14: It’s all about you today. Make yourself feel good. Do what brings you joy. Talk to people who lift you up. All the books and movies and plays and your wise Aunt Mabel are exactly right when they say that if you can’t make yourself happy, no one else can. So invest your time and energy into your personal happiness first. Give yourself what you need and what you want. And realize that there’s that crazy phenomenon where we seem to find what we’re looking for when we stop trying so hard to find it. I hope you use my “ways to meet a mate” ideas as ways to go out and have fun and enjoy life. Because meeting a mate, or a date for that matter, shouldn’t be what it takes to make you happy–it should just make you happier.

But wait–I promised 21 ways to meet a mate, and today’s idea makes only 20. Well, today is a two-fer day. Here’s one final way to meet someone and it goes along with all the other ideas. USE YOUR GREENLIGHT CARDS!! Because if you don’t let someone know you’re interested, you just may be letting the perfect opportunity pass right by.

Feb. 13: Be an art tart…go see what’s hangin’ at a local gallery. Just don’t get so absorbed in what’s on the walls that you forget to look at who’s roaming the halls! Whether the piece you’re looking at moves you or confuses you, talk about it with another art gallery go-er and you’re sure to strike up an interesting conversation.

Feb. 12: Use your weekend wisely–volunteer for a cause you care about. While you’re making a difference (the primary goal!), you just may meet someone you have something in common with. Having at least this one thing you both care about is a great start. Is there a more natural, comfortable way to meet someone than while working on a project together? I don’t think so. Plus, I feel certain there are good-deed endorphins that kick in and make you extra attractive!

Feb. 11: WAKA. WAKA. This is your chance to embrace your inner child or come to terms with playground angst of yesteryear. In the World Adult Kickball Association, you will not be the last to be picked–just register, show up, and get ready to WAKA the ball! Their motto is “Best Parties. Best Games. Best Friends.” What a fun way to meet new people, so go online and see if there’s a spring league near you that’s registering right now.

Feb. 10: Let’s get physical, physical…I wanna get physical… Enough with the treadmill! Unplug your earbuds and head over to the free weights–a better singles scene than you’ll find at happy hour at your favorite dive. Really.

Feb. 9: Attending a tasting or cooking demonstration is a great way to meet new people–and trying a hands-on cooking class is even better. Cooking is chemistry, after all. Maybe you’ll find a little extra chemistry with a classmate.

Feb. 8: This one’s for all of you who’ve had it up to here with all the snow and ice. Look for a group trip and sign up before all the spots are taken. There are, of course, plenty of singles’ cruises and singles groups who offer great trips, but if that feels a little too weird to you, check out your college alumni office-they often plan great excursions. Or surf on over to for a feel-good, do-good getaway.

Feb. 7: Being a single parent is tough, but since you want the best for your child, make a point to go to the next PTA meeting. Then look around for parents without partners…

Feb. 6: It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Watch with a crowd and make sure to look up now and then to see who else is around. Cheering for the same team–or engaging in a little friendly competition–can spark an extra dose of attraction.  Or if you absolutely hate football, go wherever the game isn’t, and see who else shares your disinterest.

Feb. 5: Put your local wine shop at the top of your to-do list today. But give yourself time to go in and browse. Get into a conversation about what’s good. Finding great wine (especially at a great price) is like a treasure hunt. What someone’s looking for–a bargain, a hostess gift, the perfect complement to a new recipe–gives you a clue about the person buying, and whether they’re worth a longer conversation.

Feb. 4: Friday night I crashed her party…channel your inner Billy Joel and get yourself invited to your friend’s friend’s party. Going to a friend’s party doesn’t count, you probably already know most everyone there. Instead, go to your friend’s friend’s party and see some new faces. It’s fun to mix things up now and again, isn’t it?

Feb. 3: This one takes a little Chutzpah–enroll in an adult acting class. Some of the best performers are shy in “real life” so even if you’re the wallflower type, that’s really no excuse. Acting lets you pretend to be someone else and in the end puts you more in touch with who you are. Plus you’ll meet a lot of fun people in class and get to know them pretty intimately. Keep your Greenlight Cards handy and maybe an onstage scene will lead to an offstage romance.

Feb. 2: In honor of hump day, join a networking group or, if that’s too big a commitment, schedule in time to attend at least one networking event–this one simple move could get you over the hump and onto something bigger in both your career and your love life. You’ll probably be surprised how much help and motivation you can find among a group of strangers.

Feb. 1: Lace up your running shoes and head over to your local Irish pub’s weekly fun run. What? That’s not an option in your town? Well it is in mine and it’s hugely popular, so if it’s missing where you live, pick your favorite fun establishment and suggest it.

Jan. 31: Here’s one I’ve suggested before. Go get in line at the Genius Bar at the Apple store. Trendy, friendly, intelligent, connected–they’re job requirements there, you know!

Jan. 30: Browse your neighborhood bookstore for the next title by your favorite author. If you see someone interesting in the same aisle, hey, maybe you two have something in common. At least it’s easy to break the ice and say hello.

Jan. 29: Hang out in the stands and talk about your weekend plans during your kids’ sports games or practices. It’s a stealthy way to figure out who’s single and to signal your own availability. (I once heard a clever woman at a Little League game tell the guy next to her that she was going bathing suit shopping  because it was her ex’s weekend with the kids…um, if he didn’t get that hint he wasn’t worth the trouble!)

Jan. 28: Happy hour not all that fruitful? Instead of heading home, stop in at Home Depot (or your favorite home improvement store) and see who’s there on a Friday night. Good chance you’ll find some single people in the store.

Jan. 27: Attend your friend’s friend’s party. You’ll be sure to meet someone new if you break away from your usual crowd.

Jan. 26: Don’t complain about the snow, get up and go! (Thankfully, I’m not about to suggest a poetry reading. The rhymes stop here, I promise.) Ski a few runs, then head for the lodge with those cute flushed cheeks and check out the scenery. And don’t forget to say “hi,” it works much better than a cheesy pick up line.

Jan. 25: Head over to the car dealership and get your car tuned up while you wait. (Just scooch on over and make room for someone else to sit next to you on one of those cushy leather sofas. Long, boring wait? Gone!)

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  1. aka Single Awareness day!! 🙂

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