Ready or Not, Here Comes Valentine’s Day

They’re baaaccckkk….The conversation hearts and chocolates. The cards and the flowers. The restaurant specials. The jewelry ads. The negligees screaming to be purchased.

Valentine’s Day products were on the shelves before Christmas products were off this year. And while I understand the challenges of a tough economy, it really was a bit early, don’t you think?

But what about now? January is almost over and so the big day really is getting closer. As a single person, how do you react to all this? Are you thinking you want to hide until Valentine’s Day is over or does the increased focus on love and relationships make you yearn even more to be in a relationship yourself?

Either way, this can be a really frustrating time. You made it through the holidays with your family and all their who-what-when questions about your love life (or lack thereof) only to be confronted by hearts and flowers everywhere you turn. You’d love to be on the receiving end of something special on Feb. 14th, but you’d be happy with a date anytime in the near future that ended with some promise.

In recognition of that desire, I’m offering you a Valentine’s Day countdown. Every day, between now and Feb. 14th, I’ll offer you one idea for meeting your potential mate. Does this mean you’ll have an actual “Valentine” you want to cuddle up next to on Feb. 14th?

Maybe. Maybe not. But I really don’t want you to feel pressure to meet someone in time to make that day a romantic one. Instead, use this countdown as inspiration. There are a million different places where you may meet the man or woman of your dreams. Try using at least a few of my countdown ideas  to meet someone and you’ll know that you’re doing something proactive. You’re making a real effort.

And when Valentine’s Day rolls around, date or not, you’ll be in a positive frame of mind–which is a good thing because wallowing in a chocolate haze of depression is really unattractive.

Valentine’s Day is just another day. It celebrates love, and I’m a fan of that, but I’m also a fan of celebrating love on Jan. 25th and March 12th and Nov. 28th. Love is worth celebrating any day and as often as possible.

The first step, of course, is putting yourself out there, meeting new people, and stumbling onto that special someone who makes you feel all aflutter. It happens when you least expect it.

So, on to the countdown…there are 21 days until Valentine’s Day, and here’s the first of 21 ways to meet your mate by VDay.

Jan. 25: Head over to the car dealership and get your car tuned up while you wait. (Just scooch on over and make room for someone else to sit next to you on one of those cushy leather sofas. Long, boring wait? Gone!)


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