The Best…

Who launched the best new dating site of 2010?  We did! We did!

Who’s got the best dating site, period?  US!

Who’s got the best dating-related blog?  Greenlight Card!  Give me a G. Give me an R. Give me an E…

Okay, okay, clearly that would take way too long and to be honest with you the cheerleading thing was never me.

BUT…there is a contest going on right now at and I wanted to get your attention. We at are sincerely trying to provide something new and unique and helpful to single people who would like to have more dates and less dating angst.

So, if you think we’re onto something here, we’d appreciate your nomination. And the great thing is it only takes two minutes to do.

Step one: Click here or type this into your browser:

Step two: Nominate us in any or all of the following categories:

(There are other subjects that you can leave blank.)

Step three: Hit “Send Feedback”

Step four: Ha! There is no step four. See how easy that was? Now you can get back to living your life, with your eyes and your attitude wide open, so you can be ready to embrace the next chance encounter that happens to come your way. Because you’re ready. You’ve got your Greenlight Cards.

Oh, and one more thing. Thank you!! From the bottom of our hearts.

And speaking of hearts, guess what my next post will be about? That’s right! Valentine’s Day. Surely you’ve noticed all those hearts and flowers, back on the shelves, beckoning. I even saw a KY Intense Valentine’s commercial last night!! So stay tuned…


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