Of Resolutions and Possibilities

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet?  Have you followed the wise advice of all the “experts” and set reasonable, attainable goals?

Cruise the blogosphere and you’ll find plenty of people who didn’t.  People who made highly unreasonable resolutions…the single, completely unattached person who resolves to get married this year, for example.  That’s bad enough, but then there’s the bride-to-be who had every detail of her wedding planned, booked and paid for and only needed one more thing–a groom.  (This was perhaps the craziest story I heard last year–there really was such a person.  Talk about pressure on a first date! Alas, I never heard the outcome of her outlandishly optimistic, build-it-and-he-will-come madness.)

And you’ll find people who make very reasonable resolutions…who resolve to “live flirtatiously” or simply to go on more dates.  Some resolve to try online dating for the first time and some resolve to never try it again.  Still others  promise not to be “that guy” with the bad lines that make women uncomfortable.

What about you?

Of course, I hope you’ll resolve to give Greenlighting a try.  But more than that, I hope you’ll resolve to look at this year as a year of possibility.  A year of possibilities when it comes to dating, sure.  But beyond that too.  Let it be a year full of all kinds of possibilities.

I think waking up with a sense of possibility is the coolest thing about the New Year.  Every January 1st, I take a deep breath…the frenetic, fun holidays behind me, remembered fondly and with a slight sense of relief.  And a whole new year ahead.  I love that feeling.

And if you resolve to look at this entire year as a year of possibility, you don’t have to wait until 2012 to feel that sense of possibility again.  Possibility is all around us, every week, every month, all year long.

Tomorrow, for me anyway, is my getting-back-to-a-routine day.  There’s a sense of possibility in that.  The good feeling of focusing on work, getting things done, and regaining a sense of order and organization (okay, I don’t really have a sense of organization, but there’s a possibility it will present itself one of these Monday mornings!).

I’m thinking of throwing a party in January, since I didn’t manage to host one during the holidays.  There’s nothing like a party to add a sense of possibility to your week.  Except perhaps a vacation.  Traveling, especially when I’m headed someplace I haven’t been before, is my favorite way to add a sense of “who knows what’s around the corner” to my everyday life.

The point is, possibilities abound.  They exist when you discover a new restaurant, when you walk out of Home Depot with fresh cans of paint, when you change the color of your hair or your choice of exercise.

So get used to that sense of possibility.  It gives you a fresh outlook on life in general.

We create many of our possibilities, but there are also plenty of surprises waiting for us.  And while some of those surprises will knock us down, many will make our lives happier–for a moment or for much longer.  Embrace the idea that something good may be right outside your door.

I agree with the “experts” that you should make at least some reasonable resolutions.  A sense of accomplishment is wonderful.  We all need that.

I also think one or two wild, pie-in-the-sky resolutions are great too.  If we never want more, we’ll never get it, right?

But most of all, I think we should all have at least one resolution that’s about attitude adjustment…not about what we do, but about how we see, what we feel, and who we are.


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