Fruitcakes and Online Dating

Fruitcakes and online dating.
Both are full of nuts.

If you like nuts, then have at it! But if you’re a little wary of the package that shows up this time of year …you’re not alone. Maybe it’s the tradition of The Fruitcake (because how could it be the taste?) that sees a surge in popularity each holiday season. Maybe people feel that it’s the safe choice.

Online dating, like The Fruitcake, is a mystery. You think you’re communicating with a nice slice of  Angel Food Cake online…but once you meet, you find that beneath the fancy wrapping lies a classic e-Fruitcake.

This year, break tradition. Forget the fruitcake and choose chocolate covered strawberries. Skip the online dating scene and meet your sugarplum out in the real world.

‘Tis the season for smiling, talking and, best of all, lovin’.

So embrace chance encounters, and let us know how it goes…


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