Let it Snow

Ah. The fire’s burning, the snow is falling and I’m about to make latkes….I’m definitely in a holiday sort of mood. Of course, the snow is falling on this blog (thanks to WordPress cool-ness!) and not outside my Tampa, Florida home. And the fire that’s burning is actually a candle. And I’m even thinking of baking my latkes, which is definitely a sin! Even if you’re taking short cuts like I am, though, how can you think about anything but the holidays right now?

I’ve made lists, changed lists, crossed off and added to my lists, and I’ve spent my fair share of time shopping. In fact, I came across something interesting the other day while taking a break from Cyber-Monday shopping.

An online dating company reported that the #1 holiday gift for single people is a date.

You see, they did a survey and found that more than 50% of single people polled would rather have someone to kiss on New Year’s Eve than a new computer as a holiday gift.

I find it interesting that the choice was between someone to kiss and a computer, because what you’ve seen me write more than once (okay, a lot more than once), is that single people should get away from their computers and look for connections in the real world. But yes, I do agree that there are plenty of single people out there who would prefer a nice relationship to whatever thoughtful gift you might find on one of your shopping sprees.

So, how about this–why not give your favorite single person the gift of Greenlighting?  Go to GreenlightCard.com, click on Gift Giver, and you’ll see that we have gift cards that allow you to buy a membership as a gift. And if I do say so myself, you’ll be impressed with the beautiful card you get, ready to personalize and give to your friend or family member who really would be better off with someone to snuggle with than a leopard-print Snuggie.

I say, buy Greenlight Cards as a gift for…

…your son, who just can’t seem to meet Mr. Right,

…your friend, who is slowly, but surely, recovering from her divorce,

…your sweet, but kinda shy, co-worker.

So check out the Gift Giver page, cross someone off your list and then let me know…who did you buy Greenlight Cards for?


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