Do Holidays Bring Out Your Traditional Side?

During a recent Greenlight Card pow-wow, Patty, Lizzie and I got to talking about holiday traditions.

Patty burns up iTunes on a regular basis, checking out new music and adding to her very long playlist every couple of days. But a month from now, she’ll be playing Bing Crosby because, she says, “it wouldn’t be Christmas without Bing.”

I am seriously into ethnic food. I had the most amazing Banh mi (a delectable Vietnamese sandwich) the other day and on Sunday mornings I wake up craving dim sum. Normally, I stick to fresh foods when I’m grocery shopping, but right now my pantry is stocked with cream of mushroom soup and canned fried onions. This is the time of year I wake up dreaming of my all-time favorite comfort food—green bean casserole. It has to be made the way my mother and grandmothers made it, and that means Campbell’s soup!

And then there’s Lizzie, who often barely glances at her surroundings, so absorbed is she in her busy life. But when the temperatures dip, her nesting instinct kicks in. She drags out blankets, throw pillows, candles and garlands to transform her home into a warm, cozy, downright catalogue-worthy place to settle in for the winter.

There’s no denying that the holidays bring out the traditional in many of us—even the most edgy or avant-garde. In fact, it was around this time of year that Patty and Lizzie’s idea to create a modern incarnation of the Victorian calling card began to take shape. The result was Greenlight Card, which gives single people the same dignified way of expressing interest, but with a modern twist—the contact information is kept online instead of on the card itself.

At a time when online dating is commonplace, it’s been interesting to see how many tech-savvy, modern, urban people are attracted to the idea of adding an old-fashioned component to their dating life–from the outgoing “Single Gal in NYC” (Melissa Braverman) to the sweet and effortlessly hip Alyssa (who showed up at our last meetup).

I guess we’re not the only ones who like slipping a little traditional vibe into our modern lives now and then—especially during the holidays.

Why don’t you take a little break from your holiday prep to tell me about some of your favorite holiday traditions. I’m about to make green bean casserole, but I’ll check back soon!



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