Which Came First, the Rally or the Meetup?

The rally came first, of course. Patty, one of the brilliant minds behind Greenlight Card, was getting her nightly Jon Stewart fix when he announced his plans for the Rally to Restore Sanity. She instantly went online to make travel arrangements and to encourage a group of girlfriends to join her.

Liz, the other brilliant mind behind Greenlight Card who is always up for anything, said “I’m there.”

And me? I (Gerri, Greenlight Card’s official mouthpiece) was my typical skeptical and somewhat non-committal self and wondered if the rally was a real thing or just a comedy routine.

One thing’s for sure, I told Patty (who’s single). You have to bring your Greenlight Cards with you. If this thing is real, you’ll be part of a huge group of “like-minded” people who are gathered in one spot. Who knows who you might meet?!

And then I listened to what I was saying and thought of you, my readers, who I assume are mostly single people hoping to meet other “like-minded” single people, too.

Now, the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear may not be your thing. Maybe you were more into the Glenn Beck rally. Or maybe you wouldn’t be caught dead in a big group of gung-ho know-it-all people, no matter what their beliefs.

The point is, the whole idea behind Greenlight Card is to carry your cards so you’re ready. Because we think there’s a good chance you’ll meet someone interesting while going about your life, doing what you love to do.

So if a reasonable rally is drawing you to D.C., don’t you think you ought to be prepared?

But what if you haven’t signed up at GreenlightCard.com? What if you don’t already have our modernized version of the Victorian calling card, which both enables and empowers you to let someone know you’re interested?

That’s what led to our idea for the meetup. So we went online and created a meetup group, DC Single, and worked our connections to find an amazing place to gather—Co Co. Sala. (a cocktail and chocolate lounge-what could be better than that?). Patty, Liz and I will be there from 6 – 8 p.m. on Friday, October 29th.  Here’s what you can expect if you join us at our DC meetup:

➢    We’ll be giving out free drinks to people who participate in short, fun video interviews
➢    Already a member? Flash us your Greenlight Card and we’ll give you free chocolate
➢    Not yet a member? We’re giving away free, no obligation, GreenlightCard.com memberships that you can activate immediately

That last part—the free membership giveaway—is the most important reason for the meetup. We want to make sure that if you hit it off with someone at the meetup on Friday, the Rally on Saturday, the bus on Sunday, or anywhere in between, you can give them your Greenlight Card and head home with no regrets about something that “might have been” if only you’d had the nerve to make a move.

Can’t wait to meet some of our readers—and to see who gets the Greenlight from Patty.


You just stumbled on this blog and don’t have a clue what Greenlight Card is?  Click here for more info.

You want to know more details about the meetup? Click here for more info.

You’re ready to rsvp for the meetup? Click here to let us know you’re coming.

You want to follow our up-to-the-minute updates on all things dating, including our experiences at the Rally?  “Like” our Facebook page and follow our tweets @greenlightcard


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