Football? Fantasy?

‘Tis the “season.”  You know the one I’m talking about.  Football season. And I’m wondering whether football season is a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to dating.

On the one hand, football encourages lots of casual gatherings.  Rooting for the same team might make for an instant connection.  And all that adrenaline…ooh, baby!  That’s gotta be a good thing (as long as your favorite team is winning).

On the other hand, football can be a huge distraction. Your best intentions–to be a good date or to find one–could easily be thwarted.

Clearly, a little scientific research is in order.

So we’re starting with a survey, for men only.  Take it right now and you might even get lucky.  (We’ve got AMC gift cards up for grabs.)  The survey is fun and super-quick, because we know you’ve got lots of important things to do right now–like checking on your Fantasy Football team.

Here again is the link to the survey.  What are you waiting for? Click it and give us the juicy details about how football affects your love life.


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