Positively Brilliant…

Maybe, like me, you have no interest in seeing Lady Gaga’s meat dress again.

Maybe, like me, you are a starting to detect the faintest whisper of fall approaching (or more than a whisper if you live further north).

Maybe, like me, you think that the best way to meet someone new is to stop trying quite so hard.  Do fun things and be ready when it happens.

Well, here’s a fun thing to do.  Something that gives you a reprieve from meat dress mentions and other annoying things floating around in cyberspace.  Something that allows you to feel the fall breezes.  And something that, alas,  will not help you meet someone, since the whole idea is to act anonymously.

But surely there’s good karma in this.  (As there is in many of the ideas Amy Krouse Rosenthal comes up with.)

And when you walk around with a satisfied smile on your face, and a sense of laughter and fun and goodwill at the ready, your attractiveness quotient goes up exponentially!

Watch the video and then let us know if you give positive pranking a go.


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