Why We Do What We Do

We started GreenlightCard.com for one reason: to give single people, looking for more than a hook-up, a way to safely share their “dating” contact info with someone. What has come out of our initial concept has been surprising . . . and inspiring. We hear from:

  • Mature people who are uncomfortable with the “starting over” process post-divorce or after losing a partner
  • Gay people who find it challenging to navigate the “Is (s)he or isn’t (s)he?” terrain
  • Busy single parents who are concerned about dating safely when kids are involved
  • Professionals who are not permitted to date co-workers and clients (although those are the only people they ever meet!)
  • Disheartened people who are tired of online dating and hours of sifting through pretentious photos and profiles
  • Men and women who are disappointed and feel de-humanized to find themselves becoming “online shoppers” when all they want is a real connection
  • People who choose to be prepared for romance, in the natural setting of their lives, at the gym, the grocery store, the coffee shop, traveling, etc.

Politely offering your card to someone you feel chemistry with is empowering. It’s also safe, intriguing, effective and a modern move with a retro spin. We all want to be in love. We’re built for it. Greenlight Cards ensure you don’t miss the chance encounter, the double take, the opportunity to connect with meaningful potential when it occurs.


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