What GreenlightCard.com is NOT (part four)

As promised, today I bring you the final post in my series on what GreenlightCard.com is NOT. By now, you should have a pretty good understanding of what we’re all about. If not, that’s what the comment section is for! So here we go.

GreenlightCard.com is NOT...a quicker-picker-upper.

I have to admit that I was a little upset when I stumbled upon a new dating app that trumpeted some of the same ideas we espouse here at GreenlightCard.com. I think I might have even seen our tag line, “embrace chance encounters,” in their welcome video. I felt like stamping my feet and crying out, “HEY, that was OUR idea. We thought of it first. No fair!!”

But then I took a deep breath and considered it rationally. It’s not surprising that someone else had this idea, too, because it’s a darn good idea. Maybe it’s even a movement–the idea that we should all look up, look around and see who’s out there. Feel the real-life chemistry. Act on opportunities rather than letting them literally pass us by.

But make no mistake–Greenlight Cards are about looking up, not hooking up.

Because, let’s be honest here. Some of those dating apps are all about the pickup. You’re out on the town, you’ve had a few drinks, you’d like to find some good “company” and you pull out this app and instantly find out whether anyone around you is single and available and also up for a little company. “Embrace” and “encounter” take on a more immediate context.

If you want a quick pick-up, that’s your prerogative. But what we’re attempting to do at GreenlighCard.com is give you a sophisticated, stylish and safe way to introduce yourself and express your interest in someone. It’s for people who are serious about looking for love and want a little help.

Carrying Greenlight Cards is empowering. When the chemistry is there, whether it’s with someone you’ve just met or just haven’t had the nerve to approach, you can hand that person your card and see what happens. That’s what we mean by embracing chance encounters.


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