Time Flies

Yikes. An entire week has gone by since my last post.

I can’t blame it on vacation, or sickness or some giant project. But suddenly, it’s Wednesday, when it should be Monday, at the very latest.

Does this ever happen to you? You wake up and wonder how the week, or month or season is over when you feel like it just began.

“They” say time flies when you’re having fun. But I often find just the opposite—that focusing on fun extends time.

For example, on a normal weekend, I do a bunch of things, some fun, some chores, some work, some sleep…and suddenly, it’s over. But when friends come to visit from out of town, we plan and do, all weekend long. I pick the best of the things I never make time for, and we embark, exploring my fine city and making the most of our limited time together.

And sure, with lots of things we want to do, it sometimes feels like we can’t cram them all in. In that sense, the fun makes time fly. But at the end of the weekend, I feel tired but satisfied. By spending my time well, I get full value out of my weekend. Instead of time flying, I feel the satisfaction of time fulfilled.

I know I need to have more weekends, or weeks, or months like this. And I can. Fortunately, I don’t have to schedule every minute of the day and every day of the week, which would surely stress me out.  I just need to plan some things. Make an effort even (and maybe especially) when it’s just for myself. Take a class. Start a project. Go new places.

In the context of dating, it’s so easy to find yourself on auto-pilot, working, doing, living, only to wake up and wonder, where did the time go? I thought I’d be married by now…or in a new relationship by now…or leading an enviable social life…or whatever.

And the answer is the same. No, you don’t have to try every single activity you hear about. Hate the idea of speed dating? Don’t speed date. Need some hang-out-at-home-and-relax time? Take it. But you do need to make a point to work in some fulfilling time, and if you want it to affect your dating life, choose things that at least offer you the potential to meet new, single people.

We’re midway through the summer—don’t let it pass so quickly that you wonder what happened to the sunny days and long nights. Make the most of them. Get out and enjoy!


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