What GreenlightCard.com is NOT (part three)

Today, I bring you a new installment in our series on what GreenlightCard.com is NOT…in hopes that you will have a better understanding of what it is. If you missed the first two installments, find them here and here.

GreenlightCard.com is NOT…a single-and-available detector.

Sorry. We wish we could offer that service. That, I think is what draws people to online dating services—the idea that everyone using the site is single and available.

Unfortunately, some people on those sites don’t think marriage or other relationships make them unavailable.

So, in fact, there really is no trustworthy single-and-available detector, and until there is, here’s what we suggest. Rely on your instincts instead of a database. Pay attention to the way people act around you. If someone returns your eye contact or has a flirty conversation with you, chances are pretty good that person is available. At least it’s worth checking out.

And if you give a Greenlight Card to someone who turns out not to be available, what’s the harm, really? It’ll be taken as a compliment and you’ll be less nervous the next time you give someone your Greenlight Card.

As for those sleazy folks who like to have their spouses and dates on the side, too—once you’ve started dating someone, do what you can to make sure that person really is single. Don’t obsess, but don’t ignore signs of entanglement either (you know, not giving you a home phone number, not introducing you to friends, busy on the weekends…). Again, your instincts are your most valuable asset.

Pretty soon, I will write some posts about what GreenlightCard.com IS, but for now, I can’t resist adding a new post to this particular series. So watch for the next oneGreenlightCard.com is NOT a quicker-picker-upper.


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