It Felt Good While it Lasted

So I’m in my car, in a parking lot, waiting for someone. And while I’m sitting there, this guy walks by and checks me out. I mean he, very blatantly, checks me out. CHECKS. ME. OUT! And it was in a gym parking lot and the guy obviously worked out a lot.

So I try to act nonchalant. Then a woman walks by. I don’t swing that way, but I can’t help noticing that she checks me out, too.

So naturally, I’m feeling pretty darn attractive at this point. I slip on my shades, fluff my hair a little, smile.

And then I remember. I’m driving the Greenlight Card Love Bug, with its “Embrace Chance Encounters!” message on each side.

They aren’t checking ME out. They’re checking the car out.

Oh well, it felt good while it lasted…

One Attractive Bug


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