What GreenlightCard.com is NOT (part two)

Continuing with our series of what GreenlightCard.com is NOT…so you understand what it is.

GreenlightCard.com is NOT...only as good as its members.

Now, that sounds sort of negative. If you’re a member, or thinking of becoming one, I’m certainly not suggesting that you are anything less than absolutely great.

What I am saying is that traditional online dating services operate on the garbage in-garbage out accounting principle. They are only as good as their membership base. They have to have a lot of members. And, to be worth joining, they have to have members who are likely to be attractive to you–not to mention be attracted by you. Basically, their members have to be as cool and great as you are, otherwise, what’s the point?

On the other hand, the whole wide world is open to GreenlightCard.com members. GreenlightCard.com members introduce themselves to like-minded people who live, play, shop and work where they do. And they introduce themselves to people with whom they feel that oh-so-lovely burst of chemistry.

They might even introduce themselves to people who would never, ever, ever join a dating site. (Really, those people do exist.)

Coming up in part three:  GreenlightCard.com is NOT…a single-and-available detector.


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