Lovin’ the Love Bug

I was driving around town in the Greenlight Card Love Bug the other day, when a GEICO car pulled up in the lane next to me. Ok, now, I don’t want to be bitchy, but if you’d been there, you’d be thinking the same thing I was—that the Greenlight Card Love Bug is much, MUCH cooler than the GEICO Sebring (yes, Sebring!) that was a lane away. I would have taken a picture, just to prove it, but I was driving, so, um, that just wouldn’t have been wise.

Anyway, I saw the driver look over, envy written all over his green little face. Then he revved his engine and sped up, as if to say, I may not be as good looking as you but I will get to my destination faster. And all I could think was, when you look this good, you owe it to the world to take your time…

GreenlightCard.com rides around town in style

My stylin' ride-the GreenlightCard.com Love Bug


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