Red Card, Yellow Card, Greenlight Card

So many people tell me that they want to meet other single people but aren’t into the “singles scene” and especially aren’t interested in bar hopping.

And so today, I’d like to suggest an alternative…the breakfast bar.

Eating breakfast at a bar, or a counter, is a perfect way to meet someone. Some people aren’t comfortable eating dinner alone, and some people look at a lone diner and think they must be lonely (which of course isn’t necessarily so!). But eating breakfast by yourself has no stigma at all, and you can always carry a newspaper along to give you something to do besides stare at the walls and feel conspicuous.

I happened to go out for breakfast this morning and watched the absolute perfect scenario play out.

This particular restaurant has a nice square bar with counters on three sides, a bartender in the middle and a television facing out. It’s ideal. Not too big, not too small, just right. The TV is there to give you something to look at but it’s not loud or obnoxious. At night, it’s a hip, see-and-be-seen scene. In the morning, you can sit there and eat breakfast. And I always notice a few singles doing just that, often with a laptop for company.

So today, there’s one guy sitting there. He looks pretty settled in. Then a woman breezes in. She takes the seat one away from him, and she sets her big bag on the stool between them. Perfect. It would be exceedingly forward, off-putting in fact, for her to take the seat right next to the guy when the whole bar is open. But with the careful, purposeful placement of her bag she ensured that no one can come between them. She appears confident and independent and before she’s even sitting on her seat they’ve starting talking.

To make it even more perfect, a World Cup match, USA vs Algeria, happens to be on the TV and as I’ve mentioned before, World Cup is a great conversation starter. While I couldn’t hear what they were saying, I’m sure it was about the soccer since they were gesturing toward the TV.

FIFA World Cup

This great conversation starter ends in a few short weeks.

Was there instant chemistry? I couldn’t say. Did they stay the entire game? I doubt it, since that would mean being there for two hours (until lunch time), but it would be great if they did. USA won dramatically, in extra time, and the excitement would be memorable and might have sparked some extra interest.

Will they return to have breakfast at this bar next week, hoping to run into each other again?

That’s what I would do, after a few subtle hints that I’d be back. I’d make sure to time my visits around the World Cup schedule. Then, during the next “chance” meeting, after talking about yellow cards and red cards, I’d leave my Greenlight Card and see what happens next.


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