World Cup Fever

Don’t be surprised if your co-workers sneak off for a carefully-timed midday break today. And don’t be surprised if your local bars and pubs are filled this weekend. FIFA World Cup starts today and many predict this is the year that soccer will catch on in a serious way in the U.S. If you haven’t caught the fever yet, watch this and get psyched up.

So what does this mean for dating? Well, it means you should pay some attention. And there’s no excuse for being completely out of it, because it will be all over the Internet and there are all kinds of mobile apps to keep you in the know, as well. Pay attention and you can be part of the conversation. Sneak out of work with all the rest, hang out over the weekend, and relax and enjoy the games.

Still not feeling the World Cup mania? Ask an attractive fan to explain it to you. For the next month, you’ve got a great excuse to meet new people or throw a party. Or both.

Most of the games are airing in the afternoon, so keep up with the schedule. Here’s your insider tip for the day. Go to to find schedules, game scores and, best of all, soccer-friendly pubs in the U.S. and Canada.

There’s nothing like a once-every-four-years, world class athletic event to bring people together. Game on!!


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