Whatcha Gonna Get Your (Single) Daddy?

Don’t you do it! Don’t you walk into the men’s department and pick up another tie or shirt or beer-making kit. Not this year.

June 20th is just days away. Do you know what you’re getting your dad for Father’s Day?

Don’t tell me you’re all out of new ideas for the dad who has it all and asks for nothing.  That’s no excuse. If your dad is single, he’s missing something pretty important in his life and you can take care of that and a Father’s Day gift all in one little click.

All you have to do [soon!] is buy him a gift membership to GreenlightCard.com. We’ll send the membership info to you (with a beautiful card so you can add your own personal expression of love on the inside). And we’ll include clear instructions on how he’ll go online to sign up at no cost to him.

Within a few days of activating his membership, your dad will get a small, stylish tin filled with his customized Greenlight Cards. Each card will be imprinted with your dad’s personal member number. He’ll never leave home without them!

Let him know that you love him and want to help him find companionship. Give him a little nudge, encouraging him to get back in the game. (Click here to see video testimonials from other members.)

And for now? Relax and look no further. Your shopping is done.

But only if you click here right now, so we can make sure your Gift Card arrives on time for Father’s Day.


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