Fun Dates

You’re thinking about the weekend, aren’t you? It’s Wednesday. And you had a long weekend last weekend. And still, you’re thinking about the weekend?! Yeah, me too.

So I thought I’d offer you five fun date ideas. Choose one. Ask someone out. Have fun. Repeat next weekend…or next Wednesday, for that matter. Weekday dates are a very good thing.

  1. Hit the batting cages. Even if you’re not all that athletically inclined, I bet you can whack the ball once or twice and it feels oh so good after a long week. Trust me on this. (And if you’re really worried about connecting–with the ball, that is–go for the softballs. Bigger, slower balls…)
  2. Live like a tourist without leaving town. Try a duck tour, a swamp tour, a wine tour, a ghost tour…you get the picture. Tour guides are paid to be entertaining, so let someone else do the talking while you and your date lean in close to catch every word.
  3. Find some local music, but mix it up. If you usually listen to jazz, go see a local boy band. If you have a favorite club, hit the park to hear someone playing al fresco. If you’re hooked on a singer/songwriter, go to an open mic night. If you never go out and listen to music, well then, the choice is yours, isn’t it? And shame on you! Music releases all those good endorphins. I’m sure some scientist somewhere can back me up on this.
  4. Catch a movie in the park. I’m in love with certain theaters, but watching outside, on a blanket, with wine and cheese and chocolate…obviously much more romantic. And this is outdoor movie season. Check your local listings!
  5. Be one with nature. Float down a river, bike through a nature trail, walk on the beach, hike up a mountain. Just choose a pretty spot, appreciate the fact that you’re far away from your computer, vow not to tweet or text, ignore the urge to immediately share your pics on Facebook, and sweat it out together. The point here is to de-stress by devoting your full attention to your date and the scenery. And because this date requires daylight, you can go back to your old habits that night. Happy hour, anyone?

p.s. If you’re not ready for a “date date” or haven’t found someone you want to ask out, then plan a “play date” with a friend. Don’t kiss your friend goodnight, though. That’s too weird.


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