Drivin’ In My Car…

When I worked at a video production company, my boss went through an analogy phase. No script was complete without one. Typically, we had only a short amount of time to explain a complex idea, so a good analogy could make all the difference.

Will an analogy change your dating life for the better? Um, maybe not, but having been programmed to look for them, I can’t help but notice them. And I think they’re kind of fun to think about.

Yesterday, I needed to go somewhere. A few minutes into the ride, I realized that instead of heading where I needed to go, I was instead heading in the same direction I’d gone the day before. I was on autopilot.


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So, I realized my mistake, lost a few minutes, but was able to reposition myself to head for the proper destination. It was someplace I’d been to many times before, but because I had started out heading the wrong way, I had to follow a different route to get there. Along the way, I saw some interesting shops and got some new landscaping ideas.

And by the time I arrived in the right place, I had also mulled over some little life lessons sparked along the way.

  1. To get where you want to go, you have to know where you are headed and you have to pay attention to what it takes to get there. As soon as you find yourself heading where you’ve been before, instead of where you want to go, change your direction.
  2. Going the wrong way is okay if you are open to enjoying a circuitous route to getting back on track.
  3. Don’t follow the same paths all the time. Even when you’re going to the same old places, taking a new route to get there can yield fun surprises. If you’re on foot instead of in a car, interesting new people (instead of shops and landscapes) might even catch your eye.
  4. Ignore your friends who criticize your horrible sense of direction and redirect them to appreciate your sense of style instead. Oops, this last one really was all about me, not life and dating, wasn’t it?

Yep, life is one big analogy. I hope the roads you choose take you where you want to go, and that you enjoy the drive along the way. Happy trails…


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