Dating Unplugged: What’s Old is New Again

Is online dating losing some of its luster?

Maybe so, because we’ve detected two new trendy buzz phrases. Dating unplugged and offline dating. They mean the same thing, and no doubt you’ve experienced both. It’s the oldest dating trick in the book–meeting people in real life and then going out with them. Earth shattering, huh?

Last week, both phrases appeared as the topic of a segment on TODAY, with Kathie Lee and Hoda. Hoda called the idea of not going online to find a date “refreshing,” particularly because of all the lying that takes place online.

I’d have to agree. I talk to people all the time who complain about the lies that take place online. And when they aren’t complaining about lying, they’re complaining about lack of chemistry.

All that time spent on the back-and-forth that precedes the date. The flirty emails. The textual repartee. The phone conversations. And then, if the meeting is anti-climactic, the foreplay turns out to be a wasted effort.

One friend’s online match greeted her with a big, albeit toothless, smile. She couldn’t get past that. To be fair, she gave the first date a chance. There just wasn’t a second date. After that, she decided to try singles’ events instead.

As I said, dating unplugged is nothing new. And there are plenty of people who have never gone online in search of a date. But if you’ve gotten used to the idea of looking online to find dates, looking for love in the real world can definitely be intimidating, whether you’ve got horror stories to contribute to the online dating lore or not. At least when you go online, you know those people are single (unless, of course, they’re lying).

Whether you do it online, offline or both, dating can be hard, especially when you’re at a point in your life when it’s really important to you to find someone. At Greenlight Card, we’re hoping to empower you to get away from your computer and look around. And then, and this is the really important part, pull out a Greenlight Card so you don’t miss the opportunity to connect with someone when the chemistry is there.

Make a move. We’re behind you all the way.

What about you? I’d love to hear about a time you did the old-fashioned thing and let someone know you were interested without the aid of an online dating service. And who knows. Maybe Hoda and Kathie Lee  will invite you on the show, and you can tell them (or better yet, Belisa Vranich or Jared Michael Weiss) how it’s done.


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