I’ll Keep You Afloat

Dating. You know it should be fun. But it isn’t always fun, is it?

It’s frustrating, time sucking, mind numbing, inferiority complex causing, anxiety producing and all-consuming (in a bad way).

That is, until you meet someone you really like, and then it’s enjoyable, fulfilling, exciting, self confidence boosting and all-consuming (in a good way).

That is, until you break up and then it’s…well, I guess I don’t need to go through THAT again, do I?

I understand, really I do, and so most of the time I try to be unwaveringly upbeat. Well, unwavering might be setting myself up as a liar, and might also get a little annoying, so let’s just say really, really positive. Someone has to do that, right? Remind you that it’s not so bad out there–not all the time, anyway.

Remind you that when you least expect it, you’ll experience that moment when you click with someone and feel absolutely great about life and everyone in it.

Remind you that even before that “click” moment, you should still feel absolutely great about life because you are you, and you can have plenty of fun while unattached, thank you very much.

If it feels good to read other people’s rants, by all means indulge. But be careful not to over-indulge, because the rants are a lot more therapeutic for those who write them than for those who read them.

You have every right to wallow now and then, but just know that I’m here to keep you afloat.

Won’t you join the conversation? Sharing feels good–do it in the comments section. Hey, maybe we should make a t-shirt? Greenlighters do it in the comment section.

Okay, I’ll stop now.


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