Meet Nosy Parker, Intermeddler

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Nosy Parker.

Nosy Parker has an answer for all your dating questions

Greenlight Card introduces Nosy Parker, intermeddler

If her name rings a bell you get five points for your antiquated references knowledge. Her name means “a person of an overly inquisitive or prying nature,” as in this quote from Victorian novelist Mary Elizabeth Bradon: “You’re a askin’ too many questions for me, there’s too much of a Nosy Parker about you, an’ I’d ‘ave you to know as I’m a laidee.”

Since Greenlight Cards are a modern update of the Victorian calling card, it was really only a matter of time before we brought Nosy Parker on board as Greenlight Card’s new resident intermeddler. (She can be very persistent, er, I mean, persuasive.)

Did you know intermeddler means “one who interferes in the affairs of others?”

Anyway, back to Nosy.

Nosy offers members, fans and followers answers. She’s got answers to everything you ever wanted to know or never had the nerve to ask about dating and anything even slightly related to dating. Email Nosy your questions and she’ll give you honest (too honest?) answers to whatever your quandry may be. She’s even been known to check up on our members to see if they’re really making an effort to meet new people.

You ARE making an effort, aren’t you?


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