What I Did For Love

People do a lot of crazy things in the name of love.

I once drove all night through ice and snow, sick and tired and bleary-eyed–a Floridian, bound and determined to get to my destination, skidding along as I went.

I made a late-night “why haven’t you called me?” call.

I fawned, I ignored, I over-analyzed.

I worried, I went mute, I talked too much.

I laughed too loudly, I tried too hard, I cried…and did I mention, I over-analyzed?

I stood under a window with a boom box blasting my feelings for all the world to hear. (Oh, sorry, that was John Cusack, but I wished it was me.)

What about you? What crazy things have you done-healthy or slightly diabolical, touching or just plain weird- while addled by feelings of love?

And more important, what would you do again?



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2 responses to “What I Did For Love

  1. I’ve done it all, and will always continue to do so. Some call me naive, I like to think of myself as an optimist. We can’t hide, right? So let’s get out there, take chances, get hurt, and hope above all that things turn out well.

    Loved this. And everyone has thought of themselves as John Cusack with the boom box 🙂


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