Timing is Everything

Ever notice how much of our lives centers around time?

We complain about never having enough time.

We complain about having too much time on our hands.

Time moves too fast. Time crawls.

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking…into the future.

And then there is timing. Most people who get what they want work hard, but still, you’ve got to admit, they also have a knack for timing. Bet you can think of at least one wealthy friend (or maybe it’s you) who got in or out of the stock market or made the right real estate investments just at the perfect time.

And the person who gets the best assignments or makes the speediest rise to the top? Usually it’s someone who managed to be in the right place at the right time. It takes good work to get noticed. But don’t underestimate that right place, right time thing.

These days, people go online and think they can shop for a date…or a husband or wife or lifelong partner…the way they shop for dinner or a new outfit.

And sometimes it works. But for every one person who tells me they found that perfect someone online, at least two want to sit me down to hear stories of lies, lack of interest and wasted time.

Wasted time.

We don’t want that, so we’re back to timing. Greenlight Cards do sort of depend on the right timing. In this e-world we live in now, it may seem fatalistic or charmingly old fashioned to think that you might just run into the person who’s right for you. But, hey, it happened that way for many, many years, and it really does continue to happen.

Sure, the right timing makes all the difference, but timing isn’t just luck. It’s about paying attention. It’s about putting yourself out there.

The timing will never be right if you stay hidden behind your desk or don’t buy into the stock market or stay home all weekend long.


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One response to “Timing is Everything

  1. Lucy

    You said it…”…but timing isn’t just luck. It’s about paying attention. It’s about putting yourself out there.” I will go out this weekend and PAY ATTENTION to what’s around me. Thanks for the other post re: Mr Good Enough. I’ll broaden, not lower, my standards while I am out there paying attention.

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