Lesson Learned: Enjoy the Journey & Find the Fun

I’ve been reading back over Melissa Braverman’s chronicles of her eight week dating blitz. If this is the first you’re reading about Melissa’s dating blitz, check out my earlier posts or go to Melissa’s blog. If you can believe it, the blitz is over, and Melissa has headed back to her favorite city. Tomorrow, she reveals where that is and why she added this little twist to her dating blitz. My bet is she’s back in Cleveland, and it’s not because she didn’t get enough of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

During her trip, she shared a lot of dating wisdom and will be sharing more, but one of the prevailing lessons, expressed by women, men, singles and couples, was the fact that if you’re single and you’d like to be, as Melissa put it, “less single,” you need to put yourself out there. Throughout her posts, you’ll see these words of advice:  Be proactive. Shake up your routine. Be resourceful.

To me, this quote from Melissa sums it up best:

“Though online dating works for some people, this journey has confirmed for me that there’s no better way to make a genuine connection than by being out and about. Almost every major relationship I’ve had has happened because I’ve tried something or someplace new. After all, when it comes to being single, isn’t that part of the adventure?”

That quote says a lot about Melissa’s attitude. She is clearly ready to move on from single life to couple-dom, and when she talks about her journey, it’s more than just a physical trek through eight pretty exciting cities. It’s a journey that she hopes will take her from one stage of her life to another, and she embraces that journey. She sees it as an adventure.

Melissa is open and honest and maybe a bit more upbeat than you think you can handle on the days when you really, really are not into dating. But then again, if she were your friend, she’d be the one to convince you to go out when you didn’t really feel like it, and before you knew it you’d both be talking to new people and having a great time.

I think that’s the real key. Having a great time.

A Facebook friend recently posted this in her status: “I thought dating was supposed to be fun.” Well, it is supposed to be fun. There is no question that there are times when it isn’t. So, you’ve just got to decide you’re going to look for the fun.

Instead of looking for the guy or the girl who will rock your world, start looking for the fun. Look for it in different places. And look for it more often. Find a friend like Melissa, who will pull you out the door. Do all that and it’s very likely that along the way, you’ll find something else you’re looking for–that rock-your-world, other-half, best friend-and-lover, perfect-for-you person.


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