Friday Night And I Ain’t Got Nobody…

…to tell me whether I’ve chosen the right outfit or not.

I look in the mirror. I try another mirror. I try different combinations of shoes, shirts, pants. Finally, now fashionably late but not feeling all that fashionable, I leave a pile of rejected items on the floor and head out the door, wishing I had more confidence in the look I’d ended up with.

Does this ever happen to you?

Even if you’d like to believe otherwise, if you hate to shop and say you don’t really care what you wear, clothes absolutely affect how you feel about yourself, as well as how other people feel about you.

So if you feel completely at a loss, there’s help, and naturally, you find it where you find everything else these days. The Internet. Surf on over to a website called Go Try It On and you can post a picture of yourself wearing an outfit and get the opinion of the masses on whether the combo works or not. Or, if you’re wary of the masses, you can get the opinion of just your friends. You have to know whether your friends will give you objective advice or not. If they won’t, try for the masses. Some of the people asking for advice blur or crop out their faces so it’s totally anonymous. What do you have to lose?

Along with the picture, you let everyone know where you’re going in the outfit (night out, first date, wedding, office party, meeting the parents) and what advice you need (do the socks match? do I need a belt? does this make me look old? does this make me look fat?). As in all things in life, you’ll get the most helpful advice if you offer up the best info you can give. Do you want to stand out or blend in? Are you going for a classic look or a trendy look? Are you trying to look older or younger?

There are many more women asking for opinions than men, but it doesn’t need to be that way.  I know plenty of guys who aren’t sure they’re making the right wardrobe decisions and since they’re less likely to ask a friend’s advice this might be the very thing that gets them out the door without misgivings.

Go Try It On caught the attention of the oh-so-trendy folks at Daily Candy so you can expect it to catch a big buzz right about now. And no, despite the fact that I have mentioned the website name twice now, I am not getting paid for this recommendation. It’s new and different and fun. And helpful, even if all you do is check out everyone else’s insecurities about what’s right and what’s not.


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