How Green Is Your Love?

Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Maybe you missed the first Earth Day, so let me fill you in. Way back in 1970, without the Internet or twitter or facebook or blogs, 20 million Americans staged teach-ins and demonstrations and launched the modern environmental movement. That’s right–20 million. Isn’t that amazing? Can you imagine (and remember, this is pre-Internet) participating in a little rally in your home town and then finding out later that you were part of a movement that was 20 million people strong?

Today, of course, it’s not hard to feel a part of something big. Social media helps us to align with like-minded people not just in our own physical communities but throughout the world. If you care about something, it’s a pretty good bet that you can find other people who also care about it. Or you can convince other people to care about it. Or both. What’s more, you can find out almost instantly how huge a movement you’re a part of.

Greenlight Card is definitely a fan of the environmental movement. Greenlight Cards are printed on recycled paper with vegetable based inks. Our tin-plated steel card cases are recyclable, as new steel is made from recycled steel. Even our shipping paks are 100% recycled.

But we won’t stop there. Today’s blog is about increasing our commitment to the Earth by offering you some tips for greening up your love life.

Tip #1: Walk. Yes, there are many places (too many places!) where you can’t walk to a restaurant or wherever your chosen date location might be. But if you’re lucky enough to live where you can ditch your car and walk to where you want to go, do it! Or, forget the restaurant and just take a walk.

Tip #2: Unplug. Don’t dress by candlelight. Do converse by candlelight. Use the Earth as a great excuse to up the romance factor while hanging out at your place.

Tip #3: Get wet. Not for first dates, of course. But if you’ve moved along in your relationship, sharing a shower saves water. Mother Earth approves.

Tip#4: Curb your impulse. Instead of thinking you need new clothes, a new car or new anything, appreciate what you’ve already got. Buying eco-friendly is good. Using what you already have is better. Plus, I’m more likely to want to get to know you if you just stop trying so hard. I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Tip#5: Share. This goes along with the idea of not buying new when you don’t have to, but you can also use it to your dating advantage. Borrowing your cute neighbor’s lawnmower requires reciprocation–an invitation to drinks on the porch, perhaps?

So what are you waiting for? Turn off the lights, get out of the house and go Greenlighting. Or at least go green.

What have you done lately for Mother Earth? Comment and let me know.


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