Rejecting Rejection

You’ve experienced rejection, right? Who hasn’t?

In fact, if you haven’t, don’t tell me about it, because rejection breeds insecurity and I’m insecure enough not to want to hear from people who have somehow escaped experiencing rejection.

So the question is, how do you handle rejection? Because if you decide how you’re going to deal with rejection before it happens, then rejection loses most of its power over you.

Fear of rejection is what prevents people from doing things. But accepting the reality that rejection happens means there’s nothing to be afraid of anymore. It may hurt, but you’re ready for it. Kind of the way boot camp hurt today, but my muscles are now stronger than they were last week.

So, how do you prepare for rejection in advance? First, focus on what’s good about you and your life: your enviable job (these days, if you have one, it’s coveted by someone), your home (which you don’t have to decorate to anyone else’s tastes but your own), your taste in clothes (just like your home, it’s your taste, not someone else’s…and you’re oh so cool), your hair (perfectly coiffed or perfectly mussed, it’s your perfect do), your car (as long as it runs, it gets you where you want to go), your kick-ass attitude (bolstered by reading blogs like this one and joining, and your intelligence (for coming to the realization that the one who rejected you is the loser, not you).

Then have a little fun thinking ugly thoughts about the person who rejected you. Personal appearance and those weird little quirks (Was that a hair on her chin? Doesn’t he know that the 70s are over?) are all fair game.

There. Now you’re ready. If you put yourself out there and you’re rejected, take one minute to feel the pain (ouch!), then go to your rejection-repellant plan and move on, with the confidence that the next person you meet just might be the one who makes all the rejection worth it.


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