New Research Shows Women Think About Sex 1,368 Times A Day

A consortium of social scientists have revealed new research that shows the average woman thinks about sex 57 times an hour, which adds up to 1,368 times a day — nearly once every minute. Their groundbreaking research includes anonymous anecdotal evidence gleaned from a sample of 1.7 million women who participated in online surveys.

“It’s a wonder I get any work done, much less get dinner on the table,” said Jayne, a mother of five.

“I am a single, attractive woman and I go on one disappointing date after another. All the guys I meet seem to want to “get to know me” first. I’m stuck at first base for way too long,” said Suzanne.

“You know, I just want to meet a man who understands that we women can’t help the way we are. We’re hardwired to think about sex, sex, sex. Frankly, I don’t know what the guys have to complain about, since they get to enjoy it, too,” said Meisha.

The researchers are making the rounds of midday and late night talk shows, with back-to-back bookings scheduled for the next two months.


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