Greenlight Gives Back

The Greenlight Card is about more than just letting someone know you’re interested. Every time you give out a Greenlight Card, you get something in return.

  • You get dignity. Giving the Greenlight Card is affirmation that you’re doing the dating thing on your terms. You’re not sitting in a dark room reviewing potential matches and wondering if you’d be a good fit. You’re living life, letting opportunities arise, and embracing chance encounters.
  • You get confidence. Every time you give out a card and the world doesn’t explode, you get a little braver. You realize that giving the Greenlight to someone is just a little gesture. At worst, they’re flattered but not interested. At best, you’ve ignited a little romance.
  • You get coolness. Consider your other options. You can scribble your phone number on a napkin…if you’re into sleazy singles bars. You can get your friend to tell your love interest you’re interested…if you’re in middle school. Or you can hand over a stylish little Greenlight Card, say “this is for you,” and oh-so-coolly walk away.

Oh, and with a little luck, you also get a date.

Don’t forget–Greenlight Card members who kiss and tell can win a swanky night on the town…for two, of course. If you are already a member, go to and head over to the testimonials section and tells us about your Greenlighting experience.  If you’re not a member yet, go to and sign up.  And if you want to know all the nitty gritty details about the Kiss & Tell contest, click here.


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