Liars, Scammers and Sex Offenders, Oh My!

I know people who are happily married thanks to online dating, so I would never recommend against it. The most appealing thing about online dating is the fact that you are privy to a big community of people who are single and interested in starting relationships.

Except for when they’re not. (Click here if the graphic below is hard to read.)

Source: Online Schools

Clearly, there’s lots of lying going on–from the obvious lies in which men over-represent their height and women under-represent their weight–to the scary lies from scammers and sex offenders attempting to lure the innocent into something other than a happily-ever-after marriage with kids. And there are lots of people just trolling for quick hook-ups (and apparently finding them, since the graphic shows 1 out of 3 women using online sites have sex on the first date).

To be fair, you don’t have to go online to find liars, scammers and sex offenders–and there are plenty of decent, upstanding people online who really are looking for love and marriage and possibly even a baby carriage or two.

But maybe you’ve had it and you’re the 1 in 10 who will give up on online dating within three months of logging on. Or maybe you’re one of the other 9 who are giving it a go. Either way, it’s worth it to try Greenlighting (especially when a year’s membership is only $99–way less than the $239 average spent by online dating customers).

With Greenlight Cards, you’re ready to act on your instincts when you run into a man or woman who makes your heart flip flop and your palms sweat. Hand him or her your Greenlight Card and see what happens. If it sparks a first date, at least you know what the person looks like.


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