Do Opposites Really Attract?

In college, I knew a woman who admired people who were adventurous, outdoorsy and active. She admired the risks they took and the confidence they exuded. She admired the looseness with which they lived their lives. Naturally, the men she was attracted to had these qualities.

She was nothing like them. All the qualities she admired in those men were qualities she lacked.

Some people dream of finding a mate that they can change. My friend dreamed of finding a mate that would change her.

Some of her crushes became friends, but none asked her out. And time and again, she would reject the men who did ask her out. Those men liked her for her, but she was still learning to do that.

One day, finally, she woke up to the fact that finding someone with whom she was completely herself was a real gift, one that she deserved.

It’s true that some happy couples thrive on the idea of being opposites. Sometimes, though, I think they’re alike in a lot more ways than they’re willing to admit.

The important thing is to appreciate the fact that someone else appreciates you, and see where things lead from there.

What would you like someone to appreciate about you?


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