What’s Your Greenlight Personality?

I could give you one of those silly quizzes that ask what you would do in unrealistic situations, but hey, I’ve taken more than a few of those, and it drives me crazy when the answers are never exactly what I’d choose. So let’s skip to the end, shall we? I won’t even make you turn the page upside down.  Here are the answers. Read them and find out which Greenlight personality is yours. You might even have multiple Greenlight personalities — and that’s ok, too.

  • You are sly and shy. You’ve never given your phone number unsolicited, and you look for someone who will notice and appreciate the larger meaning behind small gestures. The Greenlight Card gives you the courage to act on an impulse and steps up your subtlety just enough to make something happen.

  • You are outgoing and out there. You’ve walked up to total strangers and introduced yourself. You even have a few favorite conversation starters (that some might call pickup lines). Giving someone your phone number? No big deal. But the Greenlight Card gives you originality. It’s more discreet than a scribbled number and more stylish than a business card, increasing the odds that the object of your affection will take a chance and get in touch.

  • You are active and on-the-go. You believe that if you do the things you love, you’ll eventually meet your perfect, like-minded soul mate, and you have the overstuffed calendar to prove it. You carry your Greenlight Cards right next to your Blackberry and never leave home without either. Unfortunately, your busy lifestyle can intimidate others. You are a colleague, a teammate, a mentor, a classmate and a confidante, but there are times when you’d like to be something more. The Greenlight Card makes it easier for you to suggest a more personal connection. 

So what’s your Greenlight personality? I’d love to know.


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