Snow Day

The snow was falling, and falling. The blizzard brought Washington, D.C. to a halt. There was no power in my apartment, but I had a coat and gloves and boots that were made for walking…or at least sloshing through some snow. So we walked. And we walked. The movie theaters had power, so we watched a movie, then we walked to a restaurant for lunch, then we went back and saw another movie. The city was so pretty in white. We felt like we owned the streets. They were so quiet, without all the traffic. We had absolutely no agenda. Nowhere to be. No one to answer to.

I don’t remember what movies we saw or where we ate. I just remember that it was an effortless day. A day that felt like just the right length. A day where we felt connected to each other and separate from everyone else.

I think the best part was that we didn’t plan any of it. It just happened. Remember that – when you’re making plans for the weekend, or the week, or your life. Some of the best times just happen.

That day in D.C., all snowy and popcorn-scented, goes down in my book as one of my favorite dates. What’s yours?


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  1. Lynne - Manorville

    The best date I every had was when Pete came to where I worked and he bought a couple of hot dogs and soda’s and we just sat on the curb of a dead end street like two teenagers. It was quiet no one was around and absolutely no one drove down the street not even a school bus even though it was time for the children to be getting out of school. It was like the world just stopped for us to have this quiet peaceful fun time together.
    IT WAS GREAT. (it seems the greatest moments in life are the ones we don’t plan but just happen)

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