Great Dating Blitz – From Cleveland to Atlanta

I’ve been following Melissa Braverman’s adventures with voyeuristic pleasure. If you don’t know who she is, read my first Great Dating Blitz post or check out Melissa’s blog while I get on with this update.

So far, she’s having a great time and there were even some sparks in Cleveland, the very first stop on her eight-week dating expedition. Those early heart-quickening, can’t-stop-thinking-about-him-or-her, feelings only happen when you’re just getting something started, so whether you’re wishing you were in a relationship, or have been in one a while, you might feel a tinge of jealousy when you read about Chris. But then the intrepid Melissa moves on…one city down, seven more to go.

I wonder if the guys she’s planning to date in the other cities read her blog and worry about the competition. Or maybe they’re excited by it.

Melissa looks at dating as an adventure and has had no problem finding single people to chat with her about what the singles scene is like in their city. As she said in an interview on My Fox Atlanta, “no one wants to feel like they’re in the trenches all alone.” 

Melissa, by the way, got the star treatment during that morning interview…airbrush foundation and everything. Give this interview four minutes of your time and catch her infectious attitude toward the “adventure” of dating. I especially loved her comment about the importance of just being yourself on a first date – “there’s nothing more attractive than being comfortable in your own skin.” Amen.

And did I mention that Melissa is carrying Greenlight Cards with her on this dating blitz? Can’t wait to hear how she uses them. I think they’re a lot more fun than speed dating, but speed dating is next on her agenda.

p.s. The polls are still open – you can vote on the last city Melissa visits. I’m hoping for Miami because it’s closest to our home city, Tampa. So do me a favor and enter a vote for Miami. Thanks!



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3 responses to “Great Dating Blitz – From Cleveland to Atlanta

  1. Lynne


    Your doing great and I cannot wait to hear the next chapter on your voyage.

    And you have my vote for making the last stop of this wonderful adventure

  2. Lynne - Manorville

    Hi Melissa,

    I cannot wait to hear about the next chapter in this great adventure that you have embark on.

    So go for the gusto – enjoy every moment and don’t leave out any and I mean any details about the new discoveries in this Big Old World of our.

    And I have my vote on Miami……………..

    Write us soon………………. Lynne from Manorville

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