Oops, I Did It Again

Love the sweater, it’s hot, but your makeup is really over the top. I like you better with a natural look.

Hmph, the food in this place is just ok, dog. But, you know, it’s nothing special. It’s just not doing it for me tonight.

The movie, I don’t know what to say really, because it was just horrendous!

I didn’t get to see American Idol tonight, but just watching it sporadically this season has evidently rubbed off. Even without a tape to listen back, I know I was a bit too judgmental yesterday. And maybe the day before that.

I’m hoping my friends will give me another chance, but when you’re meeting new people, exposing your judgmental side can be a serious mistake.

Going on a first date means putting yourself on the line. You’re looking for acceptance, interest and attraction, and you’re hoping to return the feelings. I seriously doubt you’ll criticize your date directly, but even if you take a run at the non-personal stuff—like the restaurant, the news or the weather—your date is going to secretly wonder how harshly you’re judging him or her.

On a first date, leave the postulating to the pundits.

And I’m sorry if I was channeling my inner Simon yesterday. I’ll try to do better. How about you?


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One response to “Oops, I Did It Again

  1. Lynne

    O.K. this is the way I see it…………….a date should not feel like he or she is sitting under a flood light and you playing the Judge and the Jury on his or her Job………….and trying to find out without really asking how much money he or she is making…..by what kind of car they drive or is his suit from Brooks Brothers or J.C, Penny…………..try not to see if it you are the man if her clothes have “Thee” Lord and Taylor Label………… or Kohl’s.

    To me I want to know by the conversation if you are kind, spiritual, and just happy whether you are sitting in Lincoln Center or Sitting in the Park on the Grass under a tree and enjoying the Gifts that the Good Lord has given us …………… and do you have a sense of humor…………especially about ones self………(very important) most people who do are not only fun to be with but usually “Don’t Sweat The Big Stuff ” they just Handle It…………
    Then I would accept a second date. that’s it.
    Lynne Signing Off for tonight.

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