Why Not?

Why not? Those two words could be an optimist’s catch phrase.

Do I want to visit Machu Pichu? Why not?

How about a really short cut, and maybe some color? Why not?

Will I have dessert? Why not?

Am I really going out with her? Why not?

Then again, they can be the mark of someone struggling with rejection.

She hardly paid any attention to me. Why not?

He isn’t calling back. Why not?

I haven’t been asked out in months. Why not?

The same two little words, said with a lift at the end or a whine, reflect a complete change in attitude.

Rejection, and even worse, the fear of rejection can be crippling. The best way to overcome rejection is to remember that everyone deals with it. And then, to let it go. Easier said than done, definitely. It takes practice to push rejection away and focus on the positive. So this week, practice.

Whenever you catch yourself thinking “why not” with that little whine at the end, change the question to one you can answer with the same words, only with a lift at the end.

When you start thinking…There are absolutely no guys worth going out with in my town! Why not?

Think this instead:  Should I check out the art festival this weekend? Why not?

When you start thinking…She’s just not that into me. Why not?

Think this instead:  I’ve never been to a singles’ event. I should check one out this weekend. Why not?

It’s all in the attitude.  Why not make this week an optimistic one?

p.s. Speaking of optimistic outlooks, I’ll have an update on Melissa Braverman’s cross-country Dating Blitz later in the week. After an eventful week in Cleveland, she landed in Atlanta today. Stay tuned.


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