Worth the Effort-Take 2

St. Patty’s Day approaches and next week I promise to lighten up a bit. But I still have Valentine’s chocolate in the house, so indulge me while I share a story that happened a few weeks ago. A friend-of-a-friend’s father has Alzheimer’s and was recently put in an adult home. His wife, who still loves him but can no longer care for him, visits every day for hours and hours. She visits even if he doesn’t remember her, even if he doesn’t speak or if he doesn’t make sense when he does speak.

One afternoon when she went for her visit, the nurses told the woman they were concerned about her husband. He wouldn’t move from his chair and was tightly clenching one hand shut. They thought he may have cut himself or been hurt and no matter what they tried, they couldn’t get him to budge or open that hand.

So the wife went in and sat with her husband and gently coaxed him to open it, revealing a red beaded necklace he had made for her in crafts class that morning. It was his Valentine’s Day gift for her.

That’s why it’s worth it to go out this weekend, to risk rejection, to take a chance, and to approach someone new or someone you can’t stop thinking about.


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  1. Safiya

    Ok, so I’ll go out. But not until my mascara stops running. Beautiful story. Inspiring.

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