What Was I Thinking?

What is it about nightfall that makes our minds go squishy and uber-confident at the same time? I’m staring down at the scribbled note I got out of bed last night to write. At the time, I thought it was the perfect topic for my next blog post. Relevant and profound. And guess what? In the light of day, it makes no sense. No sense at all. This has happened to me on more than one occasion.

It strikes me that the same thing can happen in the early stages of attraction. It’s late, you’re finally allowing yourself to relax, a conversation starts with no effort at all, and, boom, instant attraction. She gets you. You get her. This is the perfect situation in which to use your Greenlight Card and you do, right before graciously saying goodnight.

A few days later, she gets in touch and you think, oh yeah, I liked her. A lot. We had so much in common. We’d both worked hard all week. We both like the restaurant down the street. What else? There must have been more, right?

Well, maybe the conversation wasn’t as substantive as you thought at the time. But because you gave her the Greenlight, you can see if the connection deepens in the light of day. What have you got to lose? Maybe you’ll find that letting your brain go all squishy and uber-confident is the best way to embrace chance encounters.

So, if I drift off to sleep, will my profound idea from last night worm its way back into my consciousness? I hope so. Because I mourn the many, many great ideas I’ve had that have been lost in the night.

Do you regret letting a great person or a great idea slip away in the night?


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