You Say It’s Your Birthday?

You say it’s your birthday? Well, it’s my birthday, too!

Ok, it’s not my birthday today. (I would like to be able to share my birthday with Dr. Seuss, but that was yesterday and yesterday wasn’t my birthday either.) My birthday is, in fact, many months away, but I’m writing about birthdays because a friend posted a happy birthday wish to her parents on Facebook. That’s right. Her parents have the same birthday, and it’s today. Isn’t that sweet? I thought so. And to make it even sweeter, her mom added this comment to the Facebook post: “Getting older is not so bad–especially when we do it at the same time.”

It made me wonder what the odds are that you will fall in love and live happily ever after with someone who shares your birthday.

So I googled “odds of marrying someone with the same birthday” and ended up swimming in math formulas on wikipedia. I think the gist is that it’s not all that unusual to meet someone with the same birthday. According to wikipedia (so it must be true), “In a group of at least 23 randomly chosen people, there is more than 50% probability that some pair of them will have the same birthday.” But that didn’t answer the marriage question.

More googling—anything to get away from all those math formulas.

Clearly, the odds must be much slimmer but, alas, I didn’t find any solid evidence to support this theory. What I did find were many anecdotal accounts of married couples who have the same birthday, along with one birthday-sharing couple wondering if they should get married. They all seemed to think they were unusual, in a good way.

I have no idea what the astrologists out there would say about these couples (if you’re into astrology, make sure to comment on this post), but I do think there are times in life when something unusual or unexpected makes us take notice. The moral of the story: don’t ignore the weird signs that the universe sends you. And be happy for anything that sparks a conversation or encourages a connection you might otherwise miss.

More important, make sure to celebrate your birthday—loudly, publicly, with friends and with strangers. You might just find someone attractive to celebrate with.


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