Worth the Effort

“The bad news is, it’s cancer.” I heard that twice last week, from close friends coping with the unexpected news that cancer had struck way too close to home. In both cases, the bad news was told within the context of good news. The surgery went well, no transfusions, the cancer hasn’t spread.

It seems like I go for long periods where I stress over silly things…schedule conflicts, money, minor arguments…and then suddenly I’ll be confronted by the neon lights of “serious life” telling me to keep everything in perspective. Cancer. Haiti. Chile. The brave Canadian figure skater whose mother died right at the moment she’d most want to be alive.

So, I ask you this. With disaster and tragedy and cancer all around you, is the fact that you would really like to have a date on Friday night all that important?

Yes! It absolutely is. Because what’s getting my friends through the C-word is the fact that their significant others are at their sides. And when the world starts to seem completely crazy, the only thing that really seems to make sense is our close relationships.

Books and movies make the search for true love sound so romantic, which is only fair. After all, if you can’t romanticize the search for love, what can you romanticize? At Greenlight Card, we’re definitely guilty of that, too. Our tag line is “embrace chance encounters.” We absolutely believe in kismet. And we really mean it when we tell our members we’re going to send them 25 Greenlight Cards and hope that 24 are left unused in the tin. (Because that means the first one led to a lasting relationship.)

But, honestly, looking for love sometimes takes a little effort. It takes going out when you really feel like staying in. It takes swallowing your pride and asking your friends to help you meet other single people. It takes accepting the risk of rejection, screwing up your courage and letting someone know you’re interested.

It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

We plead guilty to believing in kismet.



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4 responses to “Worth the Effort

  1. Jock Reese

    How true those words are. Live life in the moment while you plan for the future.

    Embrace chance encounters, huh?

    I like that.

  2. Mike in St. Pete

    We should all be so lucky to have someone to share life’s moments, no matter how glorious or difficult those moments might be.

    What do they say about a problem shared? I think the same goes for a dinner out, a walk on a late-summer evening, and a good bottle of Bordeaux.

    • Lynne

      Hi Mike,

      I agree with you 100%,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,everything, looks brighter when you share……..the sun is brighter the moon is more alive and the stars dance in the night sky. To have someone to share these experiences is the best gift we can receive.
      We just have to take the first step in faith.
      Of this I am a believer.

  3. Absolutely! And we could use some bright sunshine right about now. Thanks for joining the conversation.

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