Great Dating Blitz

Tomorrow, I’m going to write about why making an effort to date is worth the effort. Today, I’m going to tell you about someone who has no doubt about the effort being worthwhile. In fact, she’s going to extreme measures to give dating everything she’s got.

Melissa Braverman writes a blog ( that offers “a native New Yorker’s daily take on dating, relationships and life in the Big Apple, commingled with entries from more than 90 personal diaries spanning 10+ years.” That’s right, she wrote her way through 90 journals, kept them, and isn’t afraid to read back through them, wonder “what the hell was I thinking?” and share it with the world.

That would be enough to make me want to introduce you to Melissa. But that’s not why I chose today to do it. I chose today because this is the day she left one of the coolest cities in the country (according to Forbes) in search of love. And she went to Cleveland. That’s right, Cleveland.

Now, New York ranks number one on Forbes’ “best cities for singles” list, but there are 40 cities on Forbes’ list, and Melissa, having been given the “my job is so busy I don’t have time to be your boyfriend” line more than once, thought it was time to try out some of the other cities that make Forbes’ list. In fact, Melissa will be dating her way through eight cities in eight weeks. After Cleveland, she’ll hit Atlanta, Houston, Denver, Portland, Los Angeles and Kansas City. She’s put the last stop up for a vote.

When we spoke to Melissa last week, she was really excited to see the city-to-city differences in dating. We are too. And we’re thrilled that Melissa plans to try Greenlighting during her dating blitz. (She told us she was intrigued by Greenlight Card’s modern take on the Victorian calling card because she’s a big Jane Austen fan.)

So will Melissa find true love in the heartland? Will a man in the City of Angels warm her heart? Or will she ultimately find her soul mate in the city that she calls her first love affair, New York?

Keep watching Melissa’s blog and maybe we’ll all find out together.

p.s. Don’t forget to vote for the last city on this magical dating tour—and to make it easier for Greenlight Card to catch up to her, we hope you’ll vote for the city that’s currently in the lead, Miami. We did.


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